Erhu QQQiaqnjin User Tips

Cut a small indent on erhu QQQianjin head

You can cut a small indent on your erhu QQQianjin head where the erhu strings rests. This should be done after you have attached erhu QQQianjin track on your erhu, it ensures your cut is perfect aligned with the strings.

Use 3M Command Strips double-sided tapes

So far, the most reliable double-sided tape that we've used is the Command Strips by 3M, it is clean, stable and easy to use. Because of the thickness of the Command Strips, there will be a small gap between the erhu QQQianjin track and the erhu neck, which is OK.

Make marks on erhu QQQianjin track

It is very helpful to mark the whereabouts of the erhu QQQianjin head on your QQQianjin track, this ensures quick positioning of your erhu QQQianjin heads. For instance, you can mark little dots using silver colored oil based marker (the one used to write on the back of CDs and DVDs) on where the tunings of C-G, D-A, E-B, make sure you mark the side where you can see.

Flexible erhu tunings

The recommended erhu QQQianjin upper thread qianjin tuning is A-E, a perfect fourth below the regular erhu tuning D-A. However, you can change the tuning of the upper thread qianjin as you want, it can be Bb-F, B-F#, C-G, etc. When you do this, the position of the QQQianjin will move accordingly. For instance, if you are used to place your qianjin higher towards the pegs, you can still place the erhu QQQianjin head where you are used to, but the opening tuning of the upper thread qianjin is changed.

What erhu strings to use?

Even though the regular erhu strings were used with erhu QQQianjin when it's designed, you can use any gauges and brands of erhu strings with erhu QQQianjin, be creative and have fun!