George Gao Ensembles

George Gao Ensemble

erhu ensembleThe George Gao Ensemble is one of the most celebrated fusion ensembles in Canada, musicians include erhu master George Gao, vocalist Jenny Zhang, guitarist/composer Bill Bridges and bassist Lew Mele

Erhu Piano Duo

erhu piano duoErhu master George Gao teams up with Italian piano virtuoso Vanessa Benelli Mosell giving breathtaking concerts worldwide. The frequently performed concert repertoire are some of the most celebrated pieces by Liszt, Chopin, Brahms and some of George Gao's erhu piano works including Erhu Capriccio No. 1, Erhu Capriccio No. 2 - Mogolian Fantasy, Erhu Capriccio No. 3 - Xuan Dong.

Traditional Chinese Ensembles

Traditional Chinese Ensemble

George Gao Chinese Ensemble is one of the most celebrated traditional Chinese music ensembles in Canada. Over the years, the ensemble has performed worldwide and highly received my it's audiences. Currently the members of the ensemble include George Gao (erhu and bowed stings), Lin Zhang (yangqing and percussions), Yongli Xue (zheng), Jenny Zhang (vocal and percussions), Wen Zhao (pipa and plucked strings), Yucheng Zhang (dizi and wind instruments).

Here is a letter from Shirley Elias, the Executive Director of Debut Atlantic, about the tour that George Gao, Jenny Zhang and Lin Zhang did in 2003:

"Audiences, in all of the centers, were absolutely thrilled and delighted with George's concert. All three of the artists are wonderful talents and each has a unique and charming personality. This is probably one of the best received tours that Debut Atlantic has ever produced. We extend our thanks and congratulations to the artists for their fabulous performances."