Jenny Zhang

Jenny Zhang, the beautiful, talented Chinese Canadian singing sensation, has won numerous singing awards in China and toured extensively. After emigrating to Canada, she has been invited to perform in concerts and festivals in many cities such as Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Quebec, St. John and Toronto. Internationally, she performs regulary in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, United States, etc. Combining a mellow maturity with a sense of spontaneity that is both sweet and mellifluous, Jenny's richly colourful singing style is loved by her audiences. Backed by her expertise of Chinese music combined with never ending quest of learning new styles, she has developed her own style of singing of which is so emotional, dramatic and characteristic. Jenny has recorded many sound tracks including Landing, Yellow wedding, Relic Hunter. In 1997, she was invited as a featured star performing for the Chinese International New Talent Competition, later she also adjudicated this competition for many years. Jenny also was featured in commercials for Ford Canada, Bell Mobility, PnG Taiwan, etc.

张海京是加拿大最受欢迎的华人女歌手之一,她的歌声已经跨越了国家和语言。她演出的足迹踏遍加拿大,美国,日本,中国,香港,台湾等国家地区,处处受到观众爱戴。她融汇 流行音乐,传统音乐,爵士音乐,R&B,摇滚乐等,演唱自成一家,情真意浓。她的演唱被许多电影,电视,广告录用,其中,她为福特汽车广告演唱的中西合壁的 Bossa Nova 版本的“青春舞曲“成为加拿大家喻户晓的演绎版本。她也曾为好莱坞IMAX- Under the Sea 3D电影和世界流行的好莱坞电视连续剧“Relic Hunter"等影视作品录音。与她合作过的著名加拿大音乐人有Maribeth Soloman, Donald Quan,Ron Korb, Rick Lazer,Ben Riley,Bill Bridges,Lew Mele等。张海京已连续多年应邀为世界性的“新秀歌唱大赛“多伦多选拔赛担任评判并嘉宾表演。
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