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Mongolian Fantasy 蒙风

MongolianFantasy(mp3pdf) $2.00
George Gao Capriccio No. 2 for Erhu - Mongolian Fantasy
erhu and orchestra (mp3) plus erhu and piano score (pdf)
"George Gao's throughly convincing Capriccio No. 2, a virtuoso display of cross-cultural composing and instrumental rock-stardom that blends the best of Eastern and Western, classical and pop. The quintessentially Chinese elements - the sentimentalism of pure pentatonic melodies, the soulful timbre of the erhu - are put on unabashed display from the outset." Maximilian Fleischman
高韶青的《蒙风》非常有说服力地在作曲,演奏上融合了东方与西方,传统与流行。把地道的中国元素-多愁善感的五声调式,富有灵魂的二胡音色-淋漓尽致地表达了出来.......每个片断无比流畅地连接到另一个,从不安到快乐,至最后兴奋的狂喜 麦克西姆。
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