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The Villa 诗人的山庄

The Villa $18.00
erhu cd 3This is a mp3 digital download of 20 music pieces, a copy of the CD insert is also included

Music inspired by Wang Wei (701-761AD) and his cycle of poems called "Wang Chuan Ji". Included in the CD insert are English and Chinese versions of these 20 poems and well written articles by Qian-Yi Gao, George Gao's sister who is a professor of Chinese Ancient literature.
1) Meng-Cheng Valley 2) Hua-Zi Hill 3) Wen-Xing Grove 4) Jing-Zhu Hill 5) Lu Park 6) Magnolia Park 7) Rivers of Dogwood 8) Ashtree Path 9) Lakeside Pavilion 10) South Hill 11) Lake Yi 12) Waves of Willow 13) Rapids of Luans 14) The Stream of Powdered Gold 15) White Rock Rapids 16) North Hill 17) Bamboo Grove Cabin 18) Hibiscus Hill 19) Lacquer Tree Garden 20) Pepper Tree Garden.
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